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In an Ocean of “Masters”
by Jymie Lynn Darling

In an Ocean of a sea of so-called psychics, there is a disturbing trend. To feel good about themselves, they attack real Occultists. How is it possible one might ask? Well, it is simple. Most people have come to rely upon propaganda sites. If it is written on the web and you can google it under someone’s name, then it must be true.

Take for example, the author and one of the owners of this webzine. Google me. You will find that Marie Bargas and Shawn Armstrong (with a few of their troglodyte followers) are creating one false and fake “news” stories about me. Why? Why take that much energy? Shawn is just a basement dweller, woman hating Republican that balances on being dangerous. One might even use the phrase Family Annihilator in a series of questionnaires, but that is my humble opinion and this is an opinion piece. Marie Bargas on the other hand believes that she is a Vedic Medic (sounds like a song from Rocky Horror Picture Show) on a crusade to find the evil shadow beings and assist the Paladins. Scary. She is also a so-called Psychic (with more fraud allegations than Bernie Maddow) and a supposed PR agent (although, amongst the greats, she is a joke that is the back room laugh).

But why? Why do we do this to each other? What is the purpose? It is because ego. Ego has created a wall in the occult. An ugly and vicious insidious worm that is invading our area. No, this is not new and I am certainly not gullible nor naïve enough to believe that this is new and it is just towards me. AE Waite, Mathers, Crowley, Levi…they all are in this group as are many, many, many of our modern masters.

It seems that research and facts have become a dying art and not just in news and politics but also in who we look for our advice from. Who we perceive as those “in the know”. Those we want to follow. Those we raise the sword for.

I am old school. I believe in the old rules. Dare to know. Dare to Will. Dare to Learn. Dare to Remain Silent. We are these dead to most now? To prove themselves?

I have very little use for 90% of the current published authors. They are fluff. They have pretty graphics and great catch phrases. Their knowledge is shite. Their writings are shite. But if you must spend $500 on nothing more than binding and shite, well, they are lord god king boo boo on this earth. How fascinating. Better yet if they buy some lineage or speak with an accent. How brilliant.

While the honest “in the know” of us that just want to pass on knowledge with greater standards such as facts, experience and education get laughed at and abused by the children throwing their rocks and creating their paper hats.

Sometimes, I think this sends more and more of the real teachers and masters underground. It is a shame to do this to those who are real in exchange for the "witch wars" of nonsense. I always found us to be a wonderful community.

Back at a Pagan Day Fest...the first one, I was allowing "left hand path" into the festival. At this time, that was the most unpopular thing to do. My thought was, it might be, but this is a tolerance fest. Be tolerant!!! Dammit!!! No other festival in Los Angeles, SoCal or even California had invited left hand path (which included OTO as LHP). I got phone call after phone call. "you can place them in the festival but near us." I simply said...hmmmmm.

At the fest, I part them all next to each other. Almost towards the end of the day, one group walked up to me and said, "Ha! I see your precious LHP and Satanists did not even bother to show up. All the hate you took for them and they abandoned you."

I laughed and pointed towards their booths "they are right there. Your kids are playing together and you all have been eating their cookies and lemonade".

At that moment, there was tolerance. Love. Acceptance. Truth. It was beautiful. When that beauty was seen, the haters, the pretenders and the frauds in the shape of psychics and hatefilled spew was like a tidal wave.

Where did it go? How do we get it back?



Welcome to the Pagan Paradigm. We will have authors and writers that have something to offer but no paper hats to show for it. Real. Gritty. Honest. Educational. is a collection of real Pagans and Learned Occultistis in a sea of absolute shite, in my humble opinion.

The Pagan Paradigm is a collaboration between Provenent Llyr and Jymie Lynn Darling as well as all our contributing writers.